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IT Services

IT Services

Skygrasper provides a number of IT services, and we can mix our service offerings to meet a variety of needs. In a flexible IT environment, our committed and responsive Managed Services continually provide and react to business needs with proactive support. We provide complete IT support services to assist businesses streamline operations and accomplish their goals, resulting in high performance levels that adhere to predetermined SLAs.

Application Development

The experience of Skygrasper comes in when bundled solutions and software products are insufficient or not flexible enough for your business. We offer premium applications that are created specifically to meet the needs of your company. Our service offerings are focused on the key results of enhanced advocacy, high end-user productivity, and quick adoption, as is described below. Our main goal is to help you get the most business value out of your investments.

Digital Transformation

The IT industry is one of the key enablers in the field of digital transformation in today's fast-paced, dynamic environment. What rules in the modern world is the transition of business into a new channel by embracing cutting-edge digital solutions and displacing traditional methods of conducting a process or the business as a whole.

The value that digital transformation brings to a company's value chain is both concrete and intangible, and it specifically helps six main areas: cost savings, increased sales productivity, improved customer experiences, faster time to market, global reach, and work efficiency.

Cloud Services

Our cloud solutions ensure that, despite any unexpected changes in the environment, your organization can continue to run smoothly. Among the key characteristics of our cloud solutions are:

  • Cloud Migration and Management
  • Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Management
  • Cloud Native Applications
  • High-Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Cloud VMs for Development, Testing, and Training

Data Mining Services

When analyzing massive amounts of data automatically, data mining makes use of database technology, statistical analysis, and machine learning to find hidden patterns and predictive information.

We process a sizable amount of data in various batches as a service provider to clients in the financial sector. It is crucial to validate the data at various stages of the process in order to spot incorrect data and fix it before it enters the system. Skygrasper is skilled in locating these data points and conducting validations against trends found in the past.

Migration Services

Modern business procedures and old systems are quickly being replaced on global markets by cutting-edge technological platforms and software. Skygrasper offers you the best operational services to transition from current systems to more sophisticated ones.

From the initial planning and analysis of current systems to determine the potential impact of migration, selecting the migration strategy, developing a streamlined roadmap, putting it into practice, and then providing post-migration support, we offer end-to-end help.