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HR Audit Services

HR Audit Services

Depending on your concerns, budget, and time frame, you can examine one or more of the following categories while conducting an HR audit.


Any leadership team in charge of human resources will want to ensure that they are in compliance. How well your company complies with current local, state, and federal employment laws and regulations is the main emphasis of an HR compliance audit. This audit focuses on risk reduction. Your aim is to make sure that you don't break any laws or expose yourself to liability claims.

Best Practices

Is your human resources management group performing at its best? An audit of your HR procedures and policies against acknowledged industry norms is known as an HR best practices audit. A growing business can benefit immensely from this kind of audit because it helps make sure you're on the right road as you expand payroll, produce handbooks, construct job descriptions, and set expectations for your new hires.


An HR performance audit involves a review of personnel files with the goal of evaluating the quality of feedback your managers are giving their staff. Poor feedback can impede an employee's development. Before employee growth suffers, a performance audit can find issues with your review and feedback procedure.


What types of pay packages have your HR managers created? Do you offer competitive pay, benefits, and salaries? An HR competitiveness audit examines every facet of employee remuneration and benefits to see whether your company is taking the necessary steps to entice the most suitable workers. Even if you are unable to compete on wages or salary, a competitiveness audit can help you uncover other aspects of your business (such remote work options and flexible hours) that will make you more appealing to potential employees.


An audit that just looks at one single aspect of your HR procedures or policies is known as a function-specific audit. You might decide to look into things like record-keeping effectiveness, personnel review procedures, or payroll management.